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PA demands maps of land mines deployed in the West Bank

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

The Palestinian Authority has demanded that the Israeli occupation authorities should hand over a detailed map showing where Israel’s army has laid land mines in the occupied West Bank. The demand comes following the death of the two children in an explosion near Hebron. Zayed Jaradat, 12, and Hamza Jaradat, 13, were killed by some ordnance left behind by the Israel Defence Forces; three other children were injured in the explosion.

In a press release, the Government Media Centre confirmed that the security services investigation into the incident has revealed that an unexploded 62mm mortar shell blew up, killing and injuring the children. The shell was left there by the IDF.

The PA has called on the international community “to intervene and force Israel to stop military exercises in the areas of the occupied West Bank which are close to Palestinian residential areas”. It has also asked the Israeli occupation forces to hand over detailed maps of the minefields established by the IDF across the occupied West Bank. A number of Palestinian civilians have been killed and injured by such explosives over the years.

Stressing that it is seeking to implement mine clearance projects with the UN, the PA noted that the main obstacles to such projects getting underway are the objections of the Israelis. As a result, more innocent people are expected to be killed and maimed by Israeli land mines in the future. The PA urged the Middle East Quartet to intervene with Tel Aviv on this and other issues.