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Palestinian legislators demand free hand for resistance response to settler attacks

Elected legislators in Ramallah have condemned the ongoing attacks by illegal Jewish settlers against Palestinians and their properties. In the latest attack a number of cars were set on fire in the village of Baytayen, near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

In a joint statement, the Palestinian MPs said that the settlers are "waging a war without mercy" against the people of Palestine. "The international community should take a more assertive position on this issue," they said. "To-date it has been fairly inarticulate."

The MPs believe that the current security coordination with Israel hampers Palestinian resistance and self-defence, especially with the arrests of those who resist the settlers' aggression. "This encourages the settlers to carry out more attacks and arson," they said. "We need to get the Palestinian house in order and free the hands of those who are standing up to the settlers if our own security services can't defend our people."

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