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Palestinian Territories experience severe cold spell

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm


A cold air current has descended over Gaza and other parts of Palestine for more than two weeks now accompanied by rainy downpours.

The extreme cold weather has resulted in occasional power cuts which have forced Palestinians to resort to using electricity generators and an increased consumption of fuel. It has also led to the death of domestic birds, including chickens, on numerous farms resulting in a hike in prices and the diminished purchasing power of the average Palestinian. This comes at a time when the general standard of living among Palestinians has fallen and constitutes an additional burden to the poorer families.

With regard to the rains, the Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza announced that the proportion of rainfall that has already fallen has exceeded 70% of the annual average for the Sector and exceeds the total amount of rainfall that fell during the whole of last year’s rainy season.

Meanwhile the General Administration of Soil and Irrigation at the Ministry confirmed that since the beginning of the season, there had been no dry spells and that, “The rainy season this year reassures of large quantities of water to replenish the underground water reservoir estimated to be more than twenty million cubic metres.”

MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad