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Referendum suggests increasing racism by Jews against Palestinians

February 17, 2014 at 11:18 pm

A recent referendum conducted in Israel has revealed a sharp increase in racism by Jews against Palestinians. The referendum was conducted in the run up to the new academic year by the Statistics Department of Tel Aviv University. It showed that more than half of secondary students refuse to live next door or close to Palestinian families; 410 secondary school students took part. Even more, at 59 per cent, believe that the Israeli Government has to deport African migrants from the country.

The number of young people prepared to join combat units for their national service has decreased, the results reveal. A combat role was rejected by 60 per cent of the youths, while 39 per cent believe that national service in the Israel Defence Forces should be mandatory for all, including ultra-Orthodox Jews, the Haredim, and Israel’s Palestinian citizens.

With regards to politics and politicians, the referendum showed a drop in the popularity of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu among the youths questioned. Less than half, at 43 per cent, are satisfied with his performance, and only 21 per cent said that they will vote for him in the coming election.