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Remnants of the old regime "behind attack" on Tunisian president

February 17, 2014 at 1:49 am

Tunisia’s ruling Al-Nahda Party has denounced the physical attack on President Moncef Marzouki and government ministers on Monday. The attack took place during a formal celebration of the second anniversary of the Tunisian revolution. Al-Nahda accused remnants of the ousted regime of being behind the attack.

Jamal Al-Rahmani, the head of Al-Nahda’s bureau in Sidi Bouzid, where the revolution started, held the same “members of the counterrevolution” responsible for “ruining the event and attacking the symbols of revolutionary and electoral legitimacy were present”. He stressed that the people of Sidi Bouzid rejected the attack.

“Such acts can ruin the reputation of the government and send a negative message to national and international investors,” added Al-Rahmani. He called on all political and civil society groups to condemn violence and confront it using all legitimate means. “We all need to isolate those who carry out violent acts and those behind them.”

The organisers of the celebration event expressed their sorrow for the attack and the disruption it caused. “It is very sad that a protest led to stones being thrown at the president and ministers,” they said. “The celebration continued until late on Monday night and the incident did not necessitate the cancelation of any of the planned items on the programme.”