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Second Jerusalemite summer camp in Sinai

February 17, 2014 at 11:18 pm

The Jerusalem Committee of the Union of Arab Doctors is organising its second three-day Jerusalemite summer camp at the Monastery of Saint Catherine in the Sinai Peninsula. The camp will begin on 6th September and is scheduled to last for three days.

The committee said that the camp aims to educate participants about the sites where Prophet Moses preached to his people. Muslims believe that Moses was one of God’s great prophets.

Participants will visit the Mount of Transfiguration, the Sacred Valley and Moses Springs. They are also planning to climb the Mount of Moses at night.

Lectures will be delivered by a number of well-known experts, including Professor Abdul-Fattah al-Awaisi from the University of Aberdeen; a specialist in Al-Aqsa Mosque studies, Dr Amal Khaleefa; and artist Wajdi al-Arabi.

The first Jerusalemite Camp was held in Taba. It included a visit to Salahuddin al-Ayyobi’s citadel and many lectures by specialists and scholars. The camps fall within the framework of a cultural and educational programme carried out by the Committee in order to publicise and educate young people about Jerusalem and how it was liberated in previous years.