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Twenty-four Palestinian are on hunger strike

Officials within the Israeli prison authority have expressed concern about the increasing phenomenon of Palestinian prisoners, especially administrative detainees, going on hunger strike. The numbers have risen after Khader Adnan went on hunger strike for 66 days resulting in a decision not to extend his detention and for him to be released next month.

According to sources with the authority, 23 Palestinian prisoners, not including Hana Al-Shalabi who has been on a hunger strike for about a month, started a hunger strike in the past few days. Most are administrative detainees being held without charge or trial.

This increase has come at the time when the so-called "Ethics Committee" of the Israeli prisons administration is considering Miss Al-Shalabi's case. She was released during the prisoner exchange deal four months ago due to the deterioration of her health but was re-arrested.

It was reported that the committee, chaired by lawyers from Israel's Ministry of Justice, was studying the possibility of force-feeding her. It was decided, however, that Miss Al-Shalabi's health status could not cope with being force-fed. A lawyer for the Palestinian Prisoners' Society met with Hana Al-Shalabi on Wednesday and reported that her health is in a dangerous state. She suffers from a low heart rate and kidney problems which are affecting her sight and breathing.

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