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Al-Shuntee: Israel's installation of surveillance cameras in the rooms of female prisoners is immoral

February 20, 2014 at 3:34 pm

The minister of women’s affairs in Gaza, Jameela al-Shuntee, has denounced a decision by the Israeli Prison Authorities to install surveillance cameras in female common areas inside the Hasharon Prison. Al-Shuntee asserted that this arbitrary measure which violated their rights was immoral, and that its goal was to harm and provoke the prisoners.
In a written statement from Al-Shuntee, she stated that the surveillance of female prisoners was a violation of the legal and human rights laws which the Israeli occupation and international organizations trumpet, and which call for the safeguarding of human rights. She asserted that, “What the occupational army does consistently confirms that it is bereft of every moral value.”

Al-Shuntee noted that these practices occur within the context of the hysteria experienced within certain Israeli circles as a result of the prisoner exchange deal concluded by the resistance.
Al-Shuntee sent the Palestinian peoples message to the Israeli occupation stating: “[the occupation] ought to be sure that everything it does in relation to the rights of our male and female prisoners takes nothing away from us. On the contrary, it provides a stronger impetus towards our continued resistance to the occupation; to recovering our legitimate rights; and to cleansing [Israeli] prisons of all male and female prisoners.”
Al-Shuntee went on to mention that today, world public opinion is more able to discern the truth, pointing out  that the actions of the Israeli army itself gathers additional support for the cause of prisoners. Particularly, given that their cause is now interacting in all spheres; political, legal and popular; placing pressure on the Israeli occupation to bring a complete end to this file.