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Arrigoni memorial well project opened

A well project in memory of Italian peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni has been opened by the Municipality of Jabaliya El Nazla. Mr Arrigoni was killed by criminals in Gaza more than a month ago.

The opening ceremony was attended by an Italian delegation along with officials from the Municipality, who told the audience that the project's cost of €120,000 will be met by the French Committee for Supporting Palestine. When completed, the well will serve 70,000 Palestinians, giving a partial solution to the problem of fresh water in Jabaliya.

The Municipality presented the head of the Italian delegation with an embroidered robe to be passed on as a gift to Arrigoni's mother. The delegation's leader, Osama Okasha, expressed his colleagues' happiness at the project and said that they would return to Gaza in two months to drink from the well.

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