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Egyptians deny that rockets were fired from Sinai toward Eilat

Security sources in Egypt have denied that the rockets fired towards Eilat in Southern Israel came from the Sinai Peninsula, saying that such an accusation was "illogical". The denial was made in response to Israeli claims that Egyptian "militants sympathetic to Hamas" were responsible.

According to the Middle East News Agency, Egypt maintains stringent security measures along the border with Israel, from Rafah in the north to Taba in the south. Such measures made it impossible for any Palestinians in Sinai to fire such rockets. The source dismissed claims that there are al-Qaeda elements in Egypt.

"The firing of rockets is always preceded by moving and fixing launch pads," said the source in MENA, "which did not happen." He added that it would have been "illogical" to move launch pads from Gaza into the Sinai in order to fire rockets.

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