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Fatah's Central Committee: Dahlan was expelled for national security reasons

February 20, 2014 at 3:34 pm

The Central Committee of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) confirmed that the decision to expel Muhammad Dahlan from the movement was taken because of the excesses which he committed. These violations are said to affect the Palestinian national security; including collusion with foreign entities, committing murders over many years, as well as unethical practices and the use thugs and death squads.

A statement from the movement issued on Thursday (28/7) and published by the state media, added that the decision was also based on evidence of massive illegal earnings and embezzlement of money from the national investment fund by a corrupted group led by Dahlan during their administration of the Gaza crossings. The movement accused Dahlan and his associates of profiteering from the movement of goods and people, and the siphoning off of national funds to private accounts abroad.

Fatah’s Central Committee called on the leadership and organizational units at home and abroad, in prisons and detention centers, to support the resolution to “cleanse the movement” of such figures that traded with Palestinian blood. The committee also declared that there was no room for duality of interpretations and that all entities should adhere to the movement’s regulations, laws and policies during this critical period.

The statement added: “Fatah, with its greatness and legacy of struggle, maintains the focus of its compass toward the liberation of the country and the unity of the [Palestinian] people on a basis of its strategic choice to end the occupation and repatriate the refugees.”