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Gaza children set world record


The Gaza Strip entered the Guinness Book of Records on Thursday 22 July when 7000 children simultaneously dribbled basketballs for five minutes. The event took place in the now unused Gaza airport, east of Rafah and was sponsored by UNRWA, with children coming from all over the Gaza territory to participate.

The event was attended by the Director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza, John Ging, alongside UNRWA workers and sports trainers taking part in the activities as part of this year's summer games.

A spokesman for UNRWA in Gaza said: "The idea of choosing to play the last of the activities of the summer games this year on the land of the Gaza International Airport left devastated after Operation Cast Lead has a positive message for the outside world; it shows the natural will of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian children who continue to meet every challenge that they face with excellence and determination, and today these children are responsible for breaking the world record previously set by the US."

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MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad

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