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Gaza Prime Minister meets with a senior Fatah delegation to discuss finalising the reconciliation process

February 20, 2014 at 3:33 pm

The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza has met with a high-ranking Fatah delegation to discuss the finalisation of the recent reconciliation agreement. During the meeting, Ismail Haniyeh and the delegation’s head, Ruhi Fatthouh, stressed that national reconciliation is “a strategic choice” for both of them and “it has not failed”. Mr Fatthouh is the personal representative of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas; he and Mr Haniyeh discussed ways to overcome obstacles to the terms of the agreement being implemented with a view to moving forward. They agreed to continue holding leadership-level meetings between Fatah and Hamas and noted that a positive atmosphere prevailed in their talks.

Mr Haniyeh also received a delegation from the International Coalition to End the Siege of Gaza and Egyptian revolutionary youth. He reviewed the overall impact of the siege on Palestinians’ lives, and how to tackle the problem of the Rafah border crossing and its implications for the Palestinian people. Expressing his appreciation of the efforts of the International Coalition, he praised the youth of Egypt for their revolution and the efforts of all Egyptians for the sake of Palestine.