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Human rights group calls for international intervention to stop Israeli escalation in Gaza

February 20, 2014 at 3:32 pm

A Palestinian human rights organisation has called for international intervention to stop Israel’s escalation of violence against the people of Gaza.

Sawaseya Centre for Human Rights expressed its deep concern for increasing numbers of Israeli military operations in the besieged Gaza Strip, with frequent incursions, assassinations and night-time raids terrorising women and children. Many casualties have resulted, claims the Centre.

“These dangerous developments come at a time when world attention is focused on the uprisings and revolutions in other parts of the region. Israel is using this as a smokescreen for its military excesses against the Palestinians.”

In a statement, the Centre noted that Israel is “misleading the world” when it claims that such acts are in “self-defence”. The Zionist state is promoting itself as the victim in this scenario when, said the Centre’s statement, “it is anything but”.

Warning that these serious developments are taking place while the Israeli government is talking up the possibility of a new war against the people of Gaza, the Centre said that this gives the green light to the Israeli military to act without being accountable for the deaths of innocent civilians. “The IDF’s actions contravene international laws and conventions regarding the protection of civilians in times of conflict.”

Sawaseya Centre demanded that the international community and UN bodies “intervene immediately to stop Israel’s military operations and threats to prevent the Israelis from committing further war crimes”. It also called on the Arab and Muslim world to end its silence and file a complaint at the UN, as Israel did, because Palestinians are being subjected on a daily basis to Zionist aggression.