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Israel condemned for targeting fresh water sources in Gaza

The Municipality of Gaza has criticized the Israeli occupation forces for targeting drinking water sources in the Gaza Strip as part of a deliberate policy. The municipality mentioned specifically the fact that Israeli forces attacked Al Mintar water tank and polluted its contents.

"Israeli tanks targeted Al Mintar water tank in Qibah, which supplies the eastern parts of the Shujaiyah neighbourhood," said a spokesperson in a press release. An artillery shell landed in the 12-metre long reservoir; this not only contaminated the water but also forced the municipality to stop pumping water from the tank, causing a water crisis in the district. Water is now being pumped from another tank in an effort to ease the crisis but the municipality said that there is still a severe water shortage.

Such an attack, claims the municipality, amounts to a "crime against humanity". It called on the international community to take on the responsibility of curbing Israeli aggression against Gaza.


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