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Jewish settlers demand legal cover for killing Palestinian demonstrators

February 20, 2014 at 3:34 pm

A member of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council Fatah has revealed that settlers in occupied East Jerusalem are demanding the right to shoot and kill Palestinian protesters in front of the properties that have been occupied illegally as part of Israel’s Judaisation programme in the holy city. According to Dmitry Dliani, settlers will use the so-called “Dromi law” to justify such murderous acts of violence. Shai Dromi was an Israeli who shot and killed a trespasser in 2007 and the eponymous law was enacted thereafter.

In a press statement Dliani said that this demand came from settlers’ spokesman Yoni Yosef at a meeting attended by the leaders of settlement groups and members of the Israeli Knesset. The head of the Likud Party in the government coalition, Zaef Alken, was also present to discuss ways of tackling any demonstrations resulting from the Palestinian approach to the UN for international recognition of an independent state. Such violence from the illegal settlers will not, claimed, Dliani, stop Palestinians from “doing their duty to defend their land and their national rights”.

“It is clear that the extreme right, which leads the Israeli government, has serious concerns about the Palestinian leadership’s approach to the United Nations,” he added. “Such action would damage Israeli settlement plans which are in any case in breach of international law and are considered to be crimes against humanity.”

Dliani stressed that the Palestinian Authority’s move in the UN has “huge Arab backing” in the face of Israeli intransigence. It is, he said, a response to the Netanyahu government’s rejection of the principle of peace and the lack of any realistic solutions coming forth from Israel’s main sponsor, the United States.