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Jordan warns Israel about enforcing Absentee Property Law in Occupied Jerusalem

Jordan warned Israel on Monday over the enforcement of its scheme to confiscate property left by Palestinians in East Jerusalem following the occupation in 1967.

A Government spokesman, Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications, Nabil Sharif, told United Press International that Jordan rejects the act and other unilateral Israeli measures aimed at changing the features of the city of Jerusalem or the displacement of its Arab Muslim and the Christian population.

The Jordanian official said the Israeli actions contradict the atmosphere required for negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis. He also pointed out that they contravene international law and do not contribute to the strengthening of trust between the various parties.

The disclosure comes in the wake of an announcement by the Israeli occupation that it intends to enforce the Absentee Property Law and seize land and property left by their Palestinians owners in East Jerusalem.

Israel first promulgated the Absentee Property Law in 1950 with an aim to seizing the land and property of first wave of Palestinian refugees.

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