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Muslim Brotherhood chief claims that Mubarak detained 40000 of its members

February 20, 2014 at 3:32 pm

The Supreme Guide of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has claimed that ex-president Hosni Mubarak and his ousted regime imprisoned 40000 Muslim Brotherhood members for at least 6 years. In total, said Mohammed Badie, Brotherhood members served 20,000 prison years; they included university professors, medical doctors, engineers, agricultural professionals, and others from all backgrounds. The ex-goverment’s oppressive policies deprived the country of their many and varied skills. The former prime minister Aziz Sidqui criticised this situation and apologised: “We are sorry that Egypt has missed out on the efforts of this group while they were in prison.”

Speaking at a conference in the northern city of Damanhour, Mr Badie told the 30,000 audience that the ousted regime wanted to drive a wedge between the Brotherhood and the army in Egypt by subjecting members to military trials. The army has always protected Egypt against all who dared to harm it.

Badie stressed that the 25 January revolution was made possible by Allah The Almighty and no human being takes the credit for it. The fact that all factions put aside their political affiliation led to the revolution’s success, he said. It was a purely Egyptian revolution during which everyone, from all groupss, acted as one. This, he added, impressed the world, the US and Europe, so much so that Egyptian youth are now regarded as a positive example, for what they achieved.

The theme of the conference was “You have heard about us, now come to hear from us”, a pointed reference to the demonisation of the Muslim Brotherhood by some Western and west-leaning governments and media.