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Palestinians commemorate the June 1967 War

February 20, 2014 at 3:33 pm


On Sunday, Palestinians commemorated the 44th anniversary of the June 1967 War which resulted in the Israeli occupation of vast swathes of Palestinian and Arab territory including Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, the Syrian Golan Heights and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. The historic date was marked with rallies and demonstration at the Eretz border crossing between Gaza and Israel.

The 1967 War, which was fought by Israel on the one side, and Egypt, Jordan Syria and contingencies from other Arab states on the other, was one in a number that underpin the Arab-Israel conflict.

In response commemoration activities, the Israeli army reinforced its presence along the border; however, for their own safety and to avoid bloodshed, the security forces inside Gaza prevented protesters from reaching border points where Israeli soldiers were present.

The anniversary marches are an expression of the Palestinian and Arab people’s rejection of the Israeli occupation and their determination to continue the struggle to regain their land.

MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad