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Palestinians protest against Barak visit

February 20, 2014 at 3:34 pm

Palestinians in Umm Al Fahm (in the north of the 1948-occupied territories) have held a protest against a visit by the Israeli Defence Minister to their city. Sources in Israel said that once news of Ehud Barak’s visit spread, dozens of residents took to the streets in protest, including members of the Islamic Movement, the Democratic Front, the National Coalition and others.

Hand-held banners proclaimed, “Barak is a war criminal” and “Barak is not welcome in Umm Al Fahm”. The visit was a response to a resident of the Arab city supporting the Israeli Labour Party headed by Barak.

The National Coalition and the Islamic Movement issued a press release denouncing the visit and describing the invitation made to Barak as damaging to the reputation of the Palestinian nationalist city, and a provocation to its residents’ religious and nationalist sensitivities.