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PLO says no future for the Occupation

The Palestinian Liberation Organization's Executive Committee has condemned Israeli attempts to 'blackmail' the Palestinian Authority into aborting the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation. It also called for international condemnation of Israeli practices.
In a press release issued on Monday, May 2nd, the PLO's Executive Committee stated that the political transformations that the Arab region has been witnessing lately, along with the stance taken by the international community at both the popular and official levels, prove that "there is no future for the Occupation and for any force trying to suppress the people's will and aspirations."

The committee expressed its complete confidence that an international condemnation of Israeli 'piracy' would speed up the process of the "Occupation's retreat from Palestinian territories."
The press release also denounced the Israeli decision to freeze the transfer of all tax revenues it normally collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority. It called it another act of "blackmail carried out by Israel to evade meeting the obligations of peace," noting that "the false and shameless lamentation over peace does not accord with Israeli policy which is entrenched in breaking the bases of peace."
The Executive Committee also praised Egyptian sponsorship of the Palestinian reconciliation agreement stating that the end of the division opens "realistic prospects for reinforcing Palestinian power with respect to the project aimed at achieving a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital."

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