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Report: Israel uses over 100 forms of mental and physical torture against Palestinian prisoners

February 20, 2014 at 3:33 pm

A human rights centre concerned with the Occupied Palestinian Territories has stated that Israeli forces use more than one hundred mental and physical torture techniques against Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails, and are “continuing to constantly develop its suppressive techniques against them.”
In a report released on Sunday, June 26, in commemoration of International Day against Torture, the Prisoners Studies Centre revealed that Israeli authorities are “exercising all manner of internationally-banned torture techniques against Palestinian detainees from the moment of their arrest until their release.” The centre called on the international community to monitor the situation inside Israeli prisons and to file indictments against all those involved in torturing detainees.

According to the report, Israeli interrogators “use many suppressive methods to extract confessions from prisoners. Interrogation techniques include pouring hot and cold water onto detainees’ heads, depriving them of medicine, putting cigarettes outs on their bodies and keeping them in overcrowded, dirty and dark places – in addition to death threats and threats to expatriate detainees and arrest their family members.”
The centre called on Arab and international human rights and humanitarian organizations to “support detainees to resolve the problems they face, and to endeavour to intervene to protect international agreements related to prisoners – agreements that are being violated by the Israeli Occupation.”