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Settlers' racism against Arab Druze soldiers increases

February 20, 2014 at 3:29 pm

Israeli military sources have confirmed an increase in the number of racist incidents involving their soldiers from the Arab Druze community who are being insulted by settlers. The soldiers are called frequently to intervene during clashes between the settlers and Palestinians.

Right-wing Jewish elements have distributed leaflets recently amongst Jewish members of the Israel Defence Forces operating in the Nablus area in the occupied West Bank, stirring up feelings against their Druze colleagues. Officers and ordinary soldiers alike serving in the Border Police and Civil Administration have complained to their seniors about an escalation in the number of such incidents over the past year.

“When it comes to sites where confrontations between settlers and Palestinians take place,” said one, “I face many insults from settlers, including shouts of ‘you dirty Arab’ and ‘go back to the Gaza Strip.'” Such insults, he added, have almost led to violent confrontations.

Another soldier claimed that he was told by a settler, “Do not worry… You will have a place on the train that will take the Arabs away.” He was astonished that the settler was referring to him being deported “from my own country”, a fate usually reserved exclusively for Palestinians these days.