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Syrian Revolutionary Council Statement in condemnation of Britain's detention of Sheikh Raed Salah

February 20, 2014 at 3:33 pm


The Syrian Revolutionary Council in Daraa denounces the decision by the British Authorities to arrest the freedom campaigner Raed Salah; Sheikh of al-Aqsa and the Lion of Palestine, with the utmost fury. We strongly condemn the British-Israeli collusion in waging war on the symbols of resistance and the defenders of the legitimate rights of the Arab and Muslim peoples. We hold the British Authorities fully responsible for the safety of this icon of resistance and deplore the Arab regime’s silence on disgraceful behaviour such as this. The Arab people and the free people of the world call on them to assume their responsibilities toward the support of worthy causes and the protection of personalities leading the struggle against occupation, injustice and oppression.

The Syrian Revolutionary Council in Daraa also calls of Syrian intellectuals in the Arab and Islamic world to align themselves with their people and their just causes rather than trading for the occupation or dictatorship.

The Syrian Revolutionary Council in Daraa extends its thanks to the free people of the world who supported Sheikh of al-Aqsa during his ordeal, and assumed an appropriate stance in protection of humanity and against conspiracy against the liberated, the honourable and the defenders of freedom and justice.