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The art of resistance

February 20, 2014 at 3:29 pm


The Israeli occupation is continuing to build its Apartheid Wall in the West Bank. The Wall runs near to the Green Line on the border between the Israeli State and the territories it occupies. Its main purpose is to acquire more land and prevent Palestinian inhabitants of the West Bank from entering Israel.

Construction on the Apartheid Wall was begun in 2002 but is not yet completed. This imposing barrier impedes the lives of Palestinians especially those living within its immediate vicinity. Israel has confiscated swathes of agricultural land and has cut down numerous trees to make way for its Wall as it snakes across Palestinian territory. By the end of construction, it is thought that the Apartheid Wall will be over 703km long.

Palestinians fiercely resist the construction of the Wall which loots their land and blights their lives. While weekly protest marches are held, one of the most prominent aspects of their rejection and protest takes the form of resistance paintings which have come to constitute a distinctive canvas along the length of the barrier. This Palestinian art is now also a focal point for anti-occupation literature and movements. These particular paintings are found on a stretch of the Wall which separates the City of Jerusalem completely from the West Bank.


MEMO Photographer: Ibtehal Mansour