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Warnings over Israeli ban on meat and dairy exports from the West Bank to Jerusalem

February 20, 2014 at 3:29 pm

A deputy on the Palestinian Legislative Council has warned of an Israeli resolution to ban the export of foodstuff from the West Bank to Occupied Jerusalem. The focus, claims Jamal Al-Khodary, is on reinforcing the embargo on the Palestinian people and imposing additional facts on the ground in an effort to Judaise the Holy City.

According to Mr. Al-Khodary, who also heads the Popular Committee against the Blockade on Gaza, the Israeli decision to ban the export of meat and dairy products from the West Bank to Jerusalem follows a similar ban on medicines.

In a statement to Quds Press this week, Mr. Al-Khodary said that the new resolution “means the continued isolation of the Holy City and the economic blockade on Gaza”. He said that the resolution would also lead to an “army of unemployed” people put out of work as a result of the impact on West Bank factories.

This resolution by the Israelis is, he said, “an attempt to promote Israeli products at the expense of Palestinian goods” and he called for efforts to make sure that the proposal is never put into practice.

Factory owners demonstrated near the Palestinian Authority headquarters in Ramallah in the Occupied West Bank recently demanding formal government-level intervention to prevent the passing of the resolution which they fear will have a huge impact on their businesses.

Source: Quds Press