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Ahmad Tibi: Israeli army trains dogs to attack anyone chanting Allahu Akbar

February 27, 2014 at 11:34 pm

Head of the Arab Movement for Renewal Party and member of the Israeli parliament (Knesset) Ahmed Tibi, revealed that the Israeli Occupation’s army, IDF, has trained a canine unit to attack anyone who shouts Allahu Akbar (God Is the Greatest).

In a Knesset session, Tibi questioned Israeli Security Minister, “Is it true that your army trains a canine unit to pounce and attack anyone who shouts Allahu Akbar?” He added, “How exactly do you train your dogs to recognize an Arab? And what exactly scares you about the religious term ‘Allahu Akbar’?”

Tibi surprised the Knesset by bringing up the issue. He asked, “Haven’t you heard what was exposed by Israeli Radio’s Carmela Menashe about a canine unit ceremony held the day before? The parent of one of the soldiers witnessed demonstrations proving this.”

Tibi ended his remarks by asking, “Are you afraid of the sentence ‘Allahu Akbar’? … I tell you all, ‘God Is the Greatest.’ Are there dogs, among you, who are going to attack me?”