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Gaza prepares to remember the Nakba by emphasizing refugees' right of return

This year is the 62nd anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba and the people of Gaza have been preparing commemoration events to remember the calamity of May 1948. Activities will begin on Sunday 2nd May with a press conference by the Minister of Culture, Dr. Osama al-Issawi, at the headquarters of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

The High Commission to Commemorate the Sixty-Second Anniversary of the Nakba approved the proposals for the commemoration activities at a meeting with the Department of Refugees' Affairs and a number of concerned Ministries as well as the media and public action offices of Hamas.

The intention of the commemoration events is to consolidate the refugees' right of return, and they come at a time when the Israelis have prohibited such activities in the territories it occupies and controls. Palestinians across the occupied territories and inside Israel are adamant that the right to return cannot be negotiated away.

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