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Haneyah's cabinet warns of informal negotiation channels

February 27, 2014 at 10:28 am

The Palestinian government in Gaza has warned of the existence of “informal negotiation channels” currently negotiating on a number of political issues. Prime Minister Ismail Haneyah’s cabinet believes that such channels would shock the Palestinian people with a new ‘Oslo’ type agreement signed by some individuals in order to ensure their continued authority backed by America, regardless of the Palestinian people and their inalienable rights.

A written statement by Taher al-Nono, spokesman for Haniyeh’s government read, “We confirm that there is no one who is officially delegated to represent the Palestinian people in any negotiations with the Occupation, either directly or indirectly. The negotiation at this stage only serves the Israeli occupation in improving its ugly image, endorsing its settlement expansion policy and the judaization of Jerusalem city.”


He added, “The Government is closely monitoring reports about the political activity aimed at settling the Palestinian issue on the basis of conceding several of our national rights. For this reason, the government maintains its refusal to resume any direct or indirect negotiations with the Zionist enemy. We consider any negotiations at this point in time as a threat to our people’s rights and a response to the dictates of the Zionists and Americans; who are trying to exploit the current political realities to impose a humiliating solution of surrender on our people.”

Nono warned of the danger of calls by President Mahmoud Abbas in his speech, and his acceptance of some of the political proposals, such as the concept of population and land exchange, the recognition of the “Jewish” character of Israel, and his appeal to the United States to force the parties to accept the American solution.