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Israel allows limited commodities into Gaza


According to Raed Fattouh, Chairman of the Coordination Committee for the entry of goods into the Gaza Strip, Israel has recently agreed to allow a limited range of commodities into the territory.

Mr Fattouh said that the Israeli occupation informed the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Ramallah that it would be allowing access to wood and aluminium; however, it did not specify quantities. After a hiatus of more than three years caused by the stifling siege imposed on the Gaza Strip by Israel, it has also approved the entry of shoes and clothing.

However, registered traders in the Gaza Strip have complained that a high proportion of goods coming into the region through Israeli crossings are of bad quality and unsuitable for sale or use as they have been stacked in Israeli ports since 2007.

In addition, though Israel has permitted the entry of large quantities of wood, this has been restricted to a single sized door; a situation which obviously prevents the production of furniture and other necessities which require other types of wood.

This tactic clearly underscores Israel's policy of procrastination and deceit. Their primary concern is for appearances rather than a desire to honestly meet the sector's requirements and the needs of the longsuffering Palestinians in Gaza.


MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad

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