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Medical aid worth $2.5m arrives in Gaza

A convoy carrying $2.5m worth of medical aid has arrived in Gaza. The Palestine office of the Emergency Relief Committee of the Union of Arab Doctors (UAD) made the announcement after the aid, including medicine for cancer and heart patients, 20,000 metres of fabric for operations, blood bags and cardiac surgery essentials, was permitted to enter the besieged territory.

The UAD's executive director in Gaza, Mohamed Al-Majdalawi, said, "The Egyptian authorities allowed the convoy, which was organised by our office in Egypt, to enter Gaza through the Rafah border crossing." This, he added, is part of the ongoing support of the Egyptian people for their brothers and sisters in Gaza, and is part of the efforts to meet the real needs of the Ministry of Health in Gaza. Such supplies are desperately needed by the health sector in Gaza as medical stocks have depleted considerably over the past twelve months.

Al-Majdalawi claimed that the convoy was the largest of its kind since the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip a year ago and said that another convoy carrying medical supplies of the same value will be sent soon. He thanked everyone who contributed to the success of this campaign, which supports the resolve of the Palestinian people and alleviates their suffering resulting from the siege that has been imposed for almost four years. He also praised the role of Egypt's Union of Arab Doctors in support of charity programmes in Palestine.


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