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Palestinians of Al-Naqab: Israel’s democracy: an injustice to the Arabs of 1948

The Regional Council for Unrecognized Arab Villages, occupied in 1948, in Al-Naqab, in south Palestine, accused the Israeli government of neglecting its Arab population’s needs and conducting a campaign of Arab house demolitions in Al-Naqab as well as the tents of Bedouins in Abu Jarwal village for the 34th time.

The Israeli occupation forces demolished five houses in Berkat Al-Batel, belonging to the family of Abu Hzib; another house in the same region, owned by one of the sons of Abu Hamed family; and a number of houses in Al-Araqeeb village that belong to Turi people, who are struggling to preserve their lands, among which is a house that is owned by Dr. Awad Abu Freih. In the pursuit of their destructive agenda, the Israeli forces demolished the tents of Abu Jarwal village for the 34th time.

Ibrahim Alwaqely, head of the Regional Council for Unrecognized Arab Villages, commented on the continuation of the repeated demolition operations in Arab areas in Al-Naqab saying, “Israel’s democracy represents an injustice to Arabs and ruin of their homes as the specially designed Jewish majority laws aim to empty the land of its Arab population.”

“This Jewish majority in the government grants Jewish people individual-owned farms; the size of each is estimated to be larger than two unrecognized villages’ sizes.  The government formulates and authorizes illegitimate construction in the individual farms, while allowing the demolition of hundreds of Arab homes where thousands of people live.”

The president of the Regional Council appealed to the committee to address the challenge facing the Arabs in Al-Naqab and formulate a clear strategy to halt the demolitions.

Source: Quds Press

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