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Viva Palestina arrives in Jordan today

February 27, 2014 at 11:34 pm

After three weeks of gruelling travelling the international convoy Viva Palestina is expected to arrive in the Jordanian capital Amman today 22 December. The convoy led by the British MP George Galloway consists of 150 cars and buses. The Jordanian authorities, trade unions and civil society organizations have announced plans for several receptions for the internationals heading to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Viva Palestina’s 450 members were received with extraordinary generosity in all the countries they passed through the last of which was Syria where several mass functions were organized in their honour. The convoy’s organizers yesterday held a press conference in Damascus during which they thanked the Syrian authorise and people for their outstanding support. A spokesman for the convoy, Zahir Al Birawi, said a growing number of Europeans from all walks of life are appalled by the suffering of the Gaza population.

The convoy is expected to leave Amman toward Aqaba from where they would leave by ship to Egypt and then to Gaza. They would be carrying aid collected in several countries. Viva Palestina started its journey from in London on 6 December. From France they moved to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Syria.