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Al-Barghouthi: Goldstone report is the cornerstone for the imposition of sanctions on Israel.

February 28, 2014 at 11:16 am

The Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, Mustafa Al-Barghouthi, stated that “A strenuous efforts are being exerted to reach a national agreement on the Egyptian paper for reconciliation and its announcement date.”

Al-Barghouthi explained that Netanyahu’s latest speech is a new confirmation of the impossibility of fruitful negotiations with the Israeli occupation government.

“The current actions in Jerusalem, the preparations for a new aggression on Gaza, the extension of settlements and the extreme positions of Netanyahu’s government and its participating parties should all push us to unity and mark an end  to our division.”

He added, the “Goldstone report -which will be returned to the Human Rights Council in Geneva after a public pressure campaign- has now become the foundation stone for a broader mobilization of sanctions and boycott campaign against Israel. The report may also have entered history to be considered as similar as the United Nations resolution on Namibia; which led to a campaign of sanctions against South Africa during the apartheid regime.”

Al-Barghouthi called for the restoration of the national unity and devoted efforts to confront the Israeli plans saying that, “We live in a national liberation movement which required mobilizing efforts to end the occupation, racial discrimination and apartheid.”

“Our national strategy must successfully combine between a broad popular resistance and a support for national steadfastness. The strategy should also mobilize the widest international solidarity movement to impose sanctions on Israel and achieve national unity in a time where a bet on the negotiations with an extremist government is considered a mirage.”