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The Legislative Council deplores the human rights organizations for ignoring the attack on MP Mona Mansour

February 28, 2014 at 12:23 am

The Legislative Council deplores the human rights organizations for ignoring the attack on MP Mona Mansour

The presidency of the Palestinian Legislative Council denounced the human rights organizations for ignoring that MP Muna Mansour, from Hamas’ Change and Reform bloc in the council, was assaulted by the security bodies in the West Bank after her home had been attacked a week ago.

In a statement acquired by Al Quds Press, the Council accused these institutions of being governed by false policies that specify for it the nature of its work, and the limits and ceilings of its actions.
It further stated that these human rights organizations have clear flaws when it comes to commitment to professional standards and objectivity that are supposed to constitute the normative basis for the work and functions of human rights organizations that have noble missions.

It added that, in various ways, the performance of Palestinian human rights organizations reflects double standards and a lack of professionalism, objectivity, and balance. This indicates serious implications of the influential role of political money in guiding the policies of some of these institutions on issues related to the internal situation in Palestine.

It also emphasized that all the processes of human rights organizations must be characterized by the highest levels of professionalism and objectivity; and balance must be ensured in covering the issues and events in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, without exercising severe selectivity through focusing on one geographical area and not the other, as well as remaining silent on some sensitive and important issues, or addressing important issues in a vague and unclear way. This puts these organizations in a position of being the target of scepticism and accusations.

The legislative council said that keenness on credibility entails that these human rights organizations carefully and closely review its professional performance and field work. It must also abide to all national values, professional standards, and ethical indicators in order to guarantee the credibility and validity of its work, which will automatically qualify it to appreciation and respect from everyone.