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Women and the elderly among those beaten with Israeli rifle-butts in Hebron

February 28, 2014 at 10:38 am

Ten Palestinians including a 70-year-old woman, seven women and two journalists were attacked by Israeli forces south of Hebron on Thursday, local sources said.

The incident began when Israeli soldiers and armored vehicles demolished a water reservoir belonging to Al-Baq’a resident Mohammad Mustafa Jaber.

Reports from the right-wing Israeli Arutz Sheva said the infrastructure was built by Oxfam and funded by the EU. Oxfam representatives said the claim was being investigated.

During the course of the demolition, the family said the bulldozer also destroyed irrigation networks used for crops.

In an attempt to stop the demolition, the family notified the press, and tried to block the way of the demolition crew as it approached the lands. Soldiers responded by beating the family members and two journalists who responded to the scene.

The two journalists, identified by medics as Abed Al-Hafith Al-Hashlamun, with the European Press Agency (EPA) and Najeh Al-Hashlamun said he works with a news agency called “ABA” were injured as they attempted to document the demolition and violent actions of the Israeli soldiers.

An eyewitness said soldiers “hit the residents and the journalists with the rifle butts, batons and feet.”

Seven of the injured residents were identified as:

Mari Jaber
Najah Jaber
Kawkab Jaber
Rudeina Jaber
Najah Fadel Jaber
Ibtesam Rashed Jaber
Izdehar Falah Jaber
Amenah Jaber ,70

Source: Maan