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After targeting Islamic Jihad member, Israel says it does not want war in Gaza

March 8, 2014 at 3:57 pm

The Israeli occupation army is living in a state of anxiety due to the potential for a military escalation with the Gaza Strip, Israeli media reported on Monday.

Radio Israel described the situation as worrying, claiming that this state of fear is a response to the increase of Palestinians rockets being launched from Gaza towards the south of Israel.

In its morning news bulletin, the radio reported that Israel’s security estimation is that, “Hamas and some Islamic Jihad leaders are not interested in any escalation with Israel.”

Tel-Aviv is also reportedly not interested in any escalation with the Gaza Strip. The radio noted that the latest Israeli attacks on Gaza came in “response to rockets launched from the Strip.”

The radio added that Israel, through these attacks, wants to send the message that it refuses to let its settlers just outside Gaza’s borders “live as hostages” under Palestinian rockets.

Meanwhile, the Israeli municipalities and settlements near to the Strip decided to close schools and kindergartens today, and ordered people to stay near shelters, fearing further rocket attacks from Gaza.

The Israeli army also set up the Iron Dome missile defence system, which is prepared to intercept any additional rockets launched from Gaza.

An Israeli drone launched a rocket at a Palestinian member of Islamic Jihad on Sunday. Occupation forces claim that he was responsible for the latest barrage of rocket attacks from Gaza. The man was severely injured and another boy sustained light injuries in the attack.

The targeting followed several F16 Israeli airstrikes against Gaza last week that wounded around ten Palestinian civilians, including a woman and several children.