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Egypt: Coptic Christian activist dismisses current government as "terrorist"

Egyptian political activist and founder of “Christians against the Coup” movement Ramy Jan described the current military-backed government as a “terrorist” authority “manipulating Coptic Christians” for its gains.

In a facebook post, he warned the minister of defense General Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi saying, “Leave Sisi! 25 January is approaching. It’s time to flee or face your worst nightmares”.

“The government which justifies the killing of women, children, and youth is a terrorist authority,” he added.

Moreover, Ramy Jan accused the current rulers of exploiting Coptic Christians for their own benefits.

“A government which manipulates Christians and appoints Coptic Christian judges in sensitive places to fuel sectarian tensions by delivering specific [political] statements despite the existence of thousands of Muslim judges who are also pro-coup, is a terrorist authority that neither deserves life nor sympathy”.

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