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Egypt’s April 6 Movement to take part in January 25 protests

The general coordinator of April 6 youth movement, Amr Ali, confirmed that his group will take part in nationwide protests scheduled for the anniversary of the January 25 revolution.

Ali denied allegations of his group’s withdrawal from participation on that day.

The movement is currently considering how its members will take part in the protests, and how to develop political solutions for the Egyptian people, Ali told Arabi21 website.

Referring to the April 6 initiative proposed this week, Ali said it does not aim at reinstating Morsi and is not directed at the rival political forces in Egypt; but rather it seeks to rescue the nation from imminent collapse.

“The demands of June 30 have been circumvented by the military, and have been reduced to the elimination of the Muslim Brotherhood and handing over the country’s leadership to General Al Sisi,” Ali told Arabi 21.

The April 6 Movement posted a statement on its Facebook page Sunday titled: “a state or no state” wherein it urged all political forces to acknowledge mistakes and return to the spirit of January 25 and Tahrir Square “as we are approacing the third anniversary of the greatest event that united Egyptians in modern history.”

The statement read “Yes we made a mistake when we were dragged into polarising battles starting with dividing the community into revolutionaries and non-revolutionaries, religious and non-religious, patriotic and non-patriotic…”

The statement pointed out that the first steps towards fulfilling the drerams of the revolution was overthrowing the corrupt regime which maintained power through “divide and rule” policies. “We will not take part in any battle based on polarisation or which contributes to further polarisation,” the statement added, “it’s no longer a matter of political dispute; hatred and violence have reached dangerous levels, and we are now faced with the choice of either a state or no state.”

The Facebook page posted photos urging Egyptians to take to the streets on January 25 and not to forget the crimes of the military against peaceful protesters.

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