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US set to resume military aid to Egypt

March 8, 2014 at 2:03 pm

American newspaper World Tribune has revealed that the United States has issued guidelines that link military exports to human rights in the receiving country. In the context of the report published on its website on Saturday, the newspaper quoted US officials saying, “Egypt may witness the resumption of US military aid in the year 2014 estimated at $1.5 billion, after the approval of the Egyptian constitution”.

The newspaper cited the words of US Department of State spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who confirmed that up to $975 million may be made available if the secretary of state certifies that Egypt has held a constitutional referendum and is taking steps to support a democratic transition in Egypt. According to World Tribune, Psaki added, “Up to $576.8 million is made available if the secretary certifies that Egypt has held parliamentary and presidential elections and that a newly-elected government is taking steps to govern democratically.”

The newspaper also reported that the Obama administration has updated the rules for foreign military sales for the first time in nearly 20 years. It quoted officials saying that the new guidelines, formulated after two years of drafting, would limit arms sales to countries deemed human rights violators, including those in the Middle East.

The World Tribune also quoted the White House’s statement on January 15 stressing that US security interests would continue to play a role in arms sales.

Source: Almesryoon