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Occupation forces begin transferring African migrants to the Negev

The Zionist Immigration Authority, affiliated with the Israeli Ministry of Interior, has started to transfer hundreds of African migrants from the city of Tal Rabei' to the new Holot detention centre in the Negev desert, specifically constructed to detain the migrants.

Israeli media report that hundreds of occupation soldiers participated in the transfer process using buses allocated for this purpose.

It is thought that about 53,000 African migrants are currently living in Israel. Most fled difficult circumstances and are seeking refuge, but only face discrimination and racism.

The occupation authorities announced in December 2013 their intention to transfer the migrants to the new detention centre in the Negev as a prelude to sending them back to their lands via a third party mediator. In response, tens of thousands of undocumented Africans living in Israel mounted a three-day strike and a series of protests against the move.

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