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Ya'alon: PA incites against us while seeking peace, must stop talking in two languages

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon made use of the annual day to commemorate the Holocaust, which fell on Monday, to criticise the Palestinian Authority (PA), accusing it of practicing incitement against Israel at a time when it claims that it is seeking peace. He called on the PA to stop talking in two languages.

Ya’alon’s remarks came during a speech on Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel, according to what was published on the web site of Israel’s Channel Ten television. He stressed that it is time to stop the PA’s incitement campaign against Israel, noting that the Jewish people are still suffering from racism even in the 21st century. He also linked the international boycott calls against Israel together with the incitement practiced by the PA.

He added that it is incomprehensible that the Palestinians, along with the Middle Eastern countries, reject recognising Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people, suggesting that their rejection is an expression of their continued incitement and racism against the Jewish people, who have managed to face various campaigns launched against them in the past.

“The Palestinian side has failed to confront us militarily, and today they are turning to incitement,” he argued.

He accused the PA of incitement against Israel in the media and school curricula by teaching Palestinian children how to hate the Jews, saying that: “They do not teach them peace while the Palestinian political pyramid’s top officials confirm their willingness for peace with Israel. The PA should stop talking in two languages, and stop the incitement if they want peace.”

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