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Muslim Brotherhood: Military-coup will collapse soon because of oppressive judiciary

The military coup in the Egypt will come to an end soon and judges who support coup leaders in cracking down on activists should rethink their alliances, a statement from the Muslim Brotherhood said.

The group said its expectations are based on the data of the "ailing moral, economic and political" situation facing Egypt locally and internationally.

The statement warns judges working under the military leadership saying: "Generals who are using you to deter and oppress the people will leave you alone facing them. You should correct yourself before it is too late. Leave the boat of the coup and join the revolution before its leaders turn on you.

"When there are fair judicial boards, there is stability in the society," the statement said. "There the weak do not despair while claiming their rights."

Based on justice and fair judiciary, all democratic countries separate legislative and executive systems from each other and make judicial systems independent. "This is to afford all guarantees for judges in order to be able to achieve justice," the statement said.

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