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IAEA denies Israeli accusations of concealing report on Iran's nuclear program

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Friday it did not prepare any report that included new information on research conducted by Iran on how to produce an atomic bomb. The statement came after Israel urged IAEA to disclose all information at its disposal in this regard.

Israel’s request came after a Reuters report on Thursday quoting informed sources as saying that the IAEA had intended to issue an important report on Iran last year. The report would have uncovered more research allegedly aimed at manufacturing an atomic bomb. However, according to Reuters, the IAEA retracted the report against the backdrop of improved relations between Iran and the international community.

The sources revealed that the IAEA apparently did not write the report, and that there is no way to learn about the information compiled by the agency in this new document. However, the source said that the information would increase concerns about the Iranian nuclear program.

Moreover, the source added that the agency abandoned the idea of issuing a new report, at least for the time being.

In 2011, the IAEA issues a report that contained sizable information derived from Intelligence reports, pointing to previous Iranian activities linked with nuclear weapons production, and that some of those activities are ongoing. Iran refused the accusations, dismissing them as trumped-up and baseless.

Since then, the agency said it acquired further info that support its analysis, without giving more details.

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