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Livni: Failure to reach peace agreement will be the end of Zionism and the Jewish state

Failure to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians would mean "the end of Zionism and the Jewish state", Israel's Justice Minister and chief negotiator Tzipi Livni warned.

The minister told a gathering of representatives of major Jewish organisations in Jerusalem on Monday that "the majority of Israelis favour reaching an agreement with the Palestinians which guarantees the interests of Israel. But the voices we hear are of those who oppose the agreement because they prefer the land of Israel for the State of Israel".

Livni warned that "those who do not understand [need to know that] the price of their ideology will be the end of Zionism and a Jewish democratic state."

Livni said that Israelis must stop discussing the security of isolated settlements. "I will fight for the settlement blocs but isolated settlements are not part of the security of Israel, but rather intended to prevent reaching an agreement."

Praising US Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts to push peace efforts forward she said; "A balanced proposal which reflects the interests of Israel is deemed appropriate. The Palestinians have also to compromise because they can have their state only through negotiations."

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