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Netanyahu demands that Palestinians abandon their demands 'for peace'

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded that the Palestinians recognise Israel as a Jewish state and abandon their demands from Israel in exchange for peace.

Netanyahu's remarks came during his meeting in Jerusalem this week with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to mark 50 years of German-Israeli diplomatic relations. "We are trying to change our world and to realise a stable Middle East that is perhaps not within the reach of both countries," he added.

Netanyahu noted that the peace efforts aim to establish two states for two peoples; one of which is a demilitarised Palestinian state that recognises Israel as a Jewish state.

The Israeli premier stressed the need for instituting well-established security measures to help Israel protect peace and defend itself against any scenario, warning that "the region is volatile and peace can only be guaranteed through security."

In addition, Netanyahu slammed the EU's boycott against Israel, calling it immoral, unjust and harmful to peace, because Israel is "the one true democracy in the whole Middle East."

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