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Strong Egypt Party demands holding Beblawi government accountable

Ahmed Imam, a spokesperson for the Strong Egypt Party, headed by former presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Aboul-Fotouh, strongly criticised on Tuesday the Beblawi government for not opening any political tracks, deepening the societal schism with its irresponsible decisions, keeping silent before the corruption cases submitted by the Central Auditing Organisation, and not taking any action to stop the perpetrators of these acts or to hold them accountable.

In a party statement, Imam demanded holding all members of the Beblawi government, which resigned on Monday, accountable politically and criminally for what he described as "crimes against the nation", singling out especially those responsible for the security file.

The party spokesperson noted that: "During the term of Beblawi's government, Egypt witnessed the longest halts in the educational process and in the railways, mass power outages in the winter, a complete absence of security in the streets, the biggest traffic chaos, the biggest external and internal debt, the deterioration of economic conditions and the greatest unemployment rates."

He added that: "The Beblawi goverment's term also witnessed the largest numbers of massacres, martyrs (including normal citizens as well as army and police officers), political prisoners, women and children prisoners, as well as the issuance of the largest number of restrictive laws and the highest number of direct security intrusions inside universities."

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