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US tells Israel to stop assassinations in Iran

April 9, 2014 at 2:18 pm

The US administration is placing “severe pressure on Israel to stop the assassination operations that it carries out in Iran, targeting individuals who have a connection to Iran’s nuclear programme in order to rein in its growth”, American network CBS quoted sources in the US intelligence agencies as saying.

This request is considered an implicit recognition by the US administration that Israel is behind the sabotage operations which affected Iranian facilities and the assassination operations that targeted figures related to the Iranian nuclear programme.

According to the sources, officials in the American administration, which adopts the policy of blocking the Iranian nuclear project by political means, convoyed messages to their counterparts in Israel that the United States “does not want Israel to continue that assassinations policy”.

The sources said that this request will be on the agenda of the Obama-Netanyahu meeting today, in addition to discussions about the settlements and other issues.

Israel did not recognise these operations, although they were officially attributed to Israel in many Western media outlets. Among what were attributed to Israel in recent years is the assassination of five Iranian scientists who had occupied senior positions in the Iranian nuclear programme, as well as the mysterious bombing operations of Iranian facilities.