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Hamas happy for Jordan to mediate unity talks

Hamas welcomes Jordan as a mediator to end the Palestinian internal divisions and denies reports that the Kingdom sent a formal invitation to the Islamic Resistance movement on this matter, a spokesman for the organisation said.

However, the decision to transfer the mediation file from Egypt to Jordan needs approval from two movements; Fatah and Hamas, Husam Badran said.

Badran said: “Despite all the changes that have happened in Egypt, and its relationship with Hamas, Egypt continues to supervise the Palestinian reconciliation. But, we welcome any Arab state that wishes to add to the efforts that have been previously made by Qatar and Egypt.”

Badron told Quds Net news agency that the head of Hamas’ political bureau Khaled Mashaal did not move from Qatar to another country saying, “Meshaal does not intend to transfer his residence from Qatar. He lives next to several freed Hamas prisoners”.

Badran denied learning of any mediation efforts by the secretary general of Islamic Jihad, Ramadan Shallah, to improve Hamas’ relations with Iran; noting that his movement’s relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran were not interrupted rather declined due to external issues outside the Palestinian cause.

Badran pointed out that a Hamas senior official, Osama Hamdan, visited Tehran last week to participate in a conference on the Palestinian issue and the resistance.

Confirming reports that the Egyptian authorities have refused to renew the movement’s senior official Moussa Abu Marzouk’s residency in Egypt, Badran said Egypt has imposed restrictions on all Palestinians living in Egypt and not just on Abu Marzouk. He also denied claims that Egypt prevented Abu Marzouk from leaving the country.

Badran described Egypt’s decision to ban Hamas’ activities in the country as unjust and described the movement’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, which Egypt announced a “terrorist group”, saying, “We are not ashamed to say that we belong to the Muslim Brotherhood and take pride in this matter. But Hamas is a Palestinian national liberation movement and its decisions and institutions are not affected by foreign agendas; whether they are Muslim Brotherhood’s or any entity outside of Palestine.”

Badran hoped the movement will be able to maintain good relationships with all Arab countries, including countries that have negative attitudes towards it.

Commenting on the situation of Qatar, Badran said the Gulf state pursues a political strategy with respect to the Palestinian cause and not only with Hamas. “All writers, politicians and the elite in the State of Qatar support the Palestinian cause; a policy that I do not expect to change in the future,” he explained.

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