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Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood denies terrorist listing in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

A senior member of the Islamic Constitutional Movement, a Sunni Islamist party in Kuwait affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and known in Arabic by the acronym Hadas, denied claims that the authorities in Saudi Arabia and the UAE had officially informed the party's members that Hadas is now included on the terrorist list in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.

The senior official told Kuwait's Al-Watan newspaper on Tuesday that rumours in this regard are untrue and unrealistic because the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait has no members list.

Last week, international media reported that Saudi Arabia and Kuwait had arrested two members of the Muslim Brotherhood after the Egyptian authorities put out an international arrest warrant for them on charges of inciting violence in Port Said, following the Egyptian authorities fierce crackdown against anti-coup protesters that killed hundreds.

However, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt denied on Monday news of the arrests.

Since the coup that deposed the Muslim Brotherhood-led government in Egypt last July, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have declared the movement a terrorist organisation.

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